Training plan vs actual – February

I meant to publish this at the end of last month but better late than never I say.

I am achieving more than 80% of my training target and the weight is coming down too so overall preparations are going reasonably well. Will be trying to stick to the weekend long ride plans from here on in but with more snow forecast think this weekend might be a bust.

Had some more badges made up:

They didn’t come out quite as I planned, they’re supposed to look like the top of the iconic signpost but unfortunately the black ring has come out as a border…still will work as another bit of collateral to give out if people bung me some cash.

January’s training record

Well it’s not been as bad as I feared however did not achieve as much as I planned. Two weeks sick put a hole in this months plan but it is early days and things seem back on track. The weight continues to go down and the target weight is almost in sight.

On the face of it I only lost one week of training however I need to make up the fitness I lost from being sick. Still it’s a good start – four months now to go!