People are awesome!

Well I’m overwhelmed with people’s generosity, I’ve only had the fundraising page up for two days and I’m already at £580…everyone has really exceeded my expectations in such a short space of time. My sincere thanks to everyone who donated so quickly!

It is a great charity, very deserving of support. Maurice and I are heading to a photo call on Saturday so we will meet some of the charity team and chat about some more promotion.

The little badges are going down well however think people prefer the yellow ones….

Training plan vs actual – February

I meant to publish this at the end of last month but better late than never I say.

I am achieving more than 80% of my training target and the weight is coming down too so overall preparations are going reasonably well. Will be trying to stick to the weekend long ride plans from here on in but with more snow forecast think this weekend might be a bust.

Had some more badges made up:

They didn’t come out quite as I planned, they’re supposed to look like the top of the iconic signpost but unfortunately the black ring has come out as a border…still will work as another bit of collateral to give out if people bung me some cash.

Tower Bridge and snow

No training at all this weekend…despite now acquiring a replacement Turbo (loaner from the most generous Steve Flory) I was in London with my Dad, Mum and brother doing his 80th birthday present – an engineering tour of Tower Bridge.

The tour was great! Guided tour of the two towers and glass floored walkways then a back stage tour of the old control room and bascule chamber (where the bridge counterweight swings into a void at river bed level).

All very jolly – some pretty spectacular Victorian engineering, the riveters particularly we’re on piecework so there are some thing like 3 million rivets on the internal steel frame (typical Victorian over engineering!).

Have to work hard this week to make up for the lack of two long rides this weekend.

Thinks the bots are afoot…

I’ve had a bunch of likes on the site…..but no views!

Think there is some automated codswallop going on because as of today I am pretty sure I am the only one looking at this blog. My current audience is happy at least….

Will be launching the fundraising page and the blog in a couple of weeks time, this is because a number of my contacts will be cycling London to Cannes in a weeks time and will probably be too busy to take notice.

I guess I’d better tell James H that there is a picture of him dressed as a Boy Scout on the blog before I do so!

Kindness of strangers…

Well not a stranger exactly – after an anguished appeal on Facebook I have borrowed a replacement turbo trainer off Steve Flory so the suffering can continue uninterrupted! Trying to source replacement parts for mine regardless however it’s an older model and the internet is not coming through….

It’s now March so time to update the world on my weight loss…

All looking pretty good. I’m just 2.7KG or 6lbs away from my initial target weight with three months to go. Had to buy a new suit,without a belt I was looking like an American street gangsta with my Kecks hanging off my hips….